6 Ways You Are Using Your Oven Wrong

Ovens are one of the electronic appliances that you will find in every house these days but people need to know about the common mistakes which can lead to the need of oven repair. Below are few oven mistakes that everyone should avoid.

Not Cleaning the Mess of Cooked Food Timely

Many people leave the oven to clean later after food is cooked which is a completely wrong practice. The bigger nightmare is when people leave it unclean for months considering it normal for ovens. Ideally, the mess created by cooking food should be cleaned as soon as it is caused but if it is not possible then it should be done as quickly as you can. It is because when you cook in a messy oven, the heat inside the oven includes the smoke of mess which becomes a part of your food ultimately. This is very harmful for your health obviously so it is recommended to clean all the food spills after every oven use.

Not Noticing the Knobs of Oven

You won’t believe but trust me the knobs of oven are dirtier than the oven itself after every time you cook anything in there. It is because many people do not focus when they are touching knobs of oven and other kitchen appliances to manage food, they are leaving some germs behind. Maybe you might just checked the spice level of food and touched the knobs with same fingers or you are just done with dishes and having some soap stick on your hand. There could be any possibility of such scenarios so cleaning your knobs is equally important after every use as it is for cleaning the oven itself.

Using Wax Paper to Cook Food

This sounds the most common mistake many people do when they consider wax paper completely safe to use for cooking food. However, it is not the case as there is a huge difference between wax paper and parchment paper. Parchment paper is safe to use for cooking food while wax paper have wax on it which can melt when exposed to the high temperatures of oven. Also, the worst possibility is of catching fire inside oven which may cause other damage to your oven as well. So, make sure you do not use wax paper for cooking foods which require high temperatures.

Putting Frozen Items Inside Without Defrosting

This is again something followed by many people where people consider the heat inside the oven will automatically defrost the food or meat which is entirely a wrong practice. In fact, this practice is putting your family at risk of food poisoning, which is very dangerous. It is because the frozen food will obviously use the heat first to defrost before cooking which will cause the timing disturbance between heat and temperature. Therefore, make sure to thaw frozen food or meat properly before you put it inside to cook food.

Ignoring the Food Dropping on the Oven Floor

This is another situation of messy oven when some part of food is dropped over oven floor and you ignore it instead of cleaning it right away. For instance, you are grilling a fully marinated chicken and a piece of chicken drops on oven floor which is not picked up right away can catch fire inside the oven. Same is the case with any leftover food which is not cleaned timely may catch fire when you use your oven the next time. So, it is recommended to keep any loose items on a proper baking sheet and check your oven properly before and after every use.

Using Wrong Oven Settings

This mistake is mostly done by the newcomers who do not have any experience of baking food in ovens. And this is why it is very important to read the guide books and the recipes of food you are going to cook before using any electronic appliances. And also, this is what mostly results in going for the option of appliance repair Northern VA. So, you should be aware that simple mistakes like setting the oven to broil when baking something or clicking on self-cleaning button can easily become the cause of catching fire which can be disastrous for you.