How To Repair A Damaged Tree Trunk

There are numerous factors that damage the trees and many people contact tree removal companies for their repair. If you have a lush green garden around your house accompanied with large trees then do know that these trees and their trunk can get damaged due to harsh weather, natural hazards or lack of care. However, here are some ways to repair the damaged tree trunk.


Pruning the tree is a great way to repair a damaged tree trunk. Start proper pruning by removing all the dead and broken branches from the tree. Make sure you don’t prune the healthy branch as it can add stress to the tree trunk. Pruning is important because dead and dying branches are highly vulnerable to pathogen attacks and harmful insects. Pruning helps in maintaining the health of the tree trunk so, ensure that you do it properly. Also, when you make cuts during pruning, make them smooth and clean so that the tree defends itself much more efficiently from deadly infections. Once you have pruned your tree appropriately, start taking good care of it and keep it hydrated.

Note: The best time to prune a tree is a winter because the spreading rate of noxious infections and diseases in plants is minimized to a greater extent.

Cut the Wound Completely

If the damage is so extreme that the trunk became beyond repair then you should remove the tree wound completely. One of the damaging factors of the tree trunk includes the breakage of any branch that creates a wound in the trunk.

To repair such a trunk, you would first have to remove the bark edges and then cut the wound. In this way, the trunk would be healed much properly. Furthermore, a wound causes many troubles in the proper growth of the tree due to improper transport of necessary nutrients, In order to prevent your tree from stop growing, make sure you cut the wound completely. It can simply be done by cutting the area around the wound in an oval shape and let the wound heal through air, don’t apply any sealant on the part that you cut. It is an easy task but if you don’t have much experience in this work then call over tree removal companies as they have perfect knowledge of these repair techniques.

Fill the Holes in the Trunk

Cavities in the tree trunk can make it mechanically unstable and weak. You can however easily fill these hollow cavities of the trunk using any tree filling.

But, there is a drawback of filling the cavities that these don’t completely stop the deterioration of the trunk. This is because the lining that keeps callus and decayed wood apart is broken during the cavity cleaning which effects the tree trunk much dangerously. So, it is suggested by the tree and also some drain services to leave the filling part and take good care of the trunk and newly formed callus tissue.

Reattach the Lost Branch

Sometimes, the trunk is damaged due to the loss of a branch or bark but, if the branch is in better condition than you can reattach it and save it from dying completely. You can use heavy-duty duct tape to attack the branch but make sure that the branch you are going to reattach is in same direction as it was before breaking. The right direction is important because the nutrients are transported only in one direction. Make sure to do this as soon as possible after the breakage in order to prevent the branch from dying.

Why Is Tree Repair Important?

When natural hazards hit trees, they damage them to a whole new level. Such damaged trees require immediate aid because not only the tree trunk, every single part of the tree is damaged but as the tree trunk is that main source of physical stability and nutrients are also transported from there to every single branch of the tree. Hence, keeping it maintained and repaired is extremely necessary to keep the trees alive and green.

If any natural hazard hit the trees around your house, call over emergency tree services MD for professional help or do it yourself if you are highly trained it in.