What To Do With Old Rugs?

Rugs add an element of warmth to your space, but sometimes these floor décor articles can get a little too bad for wear and you might want to replace them with a better tribal rug. But, have you wondered what you’re going to do with the old rugs? Here are 10 things you can do with your old rugs.

Use Them Under The Furniture

If you’ve got a rug that’s a bit rough around the edges and you can’t necessarily display it as the center of attention, why not use it under the furniture? If your rug has a very hideous stain that can’t be removed or a part of it has been chewed by your furry friend, then you might think that you can’t use it in your room now, right? Wrong! You can place the rug under a heavy piece of furniture and that’s going to serve two very vital purposes.

First, heavy furniture tends to scratch the floors and the thick rug will protect the floorboards while keeping the furniture anchored in one place. Secondly, the furniture can act as a hiding spot for the rug, as you can stuff the majority of the rug, even the damaged part, under the furniture and no one will even know that it has a weird stain or that the rug is old. Now how’s that for smart thinking?

Consign Them

Consigning a rug is kind of different than selling it in a rug store. This works perfectly if you have vintage rugs and want to get a bit of extra cash for your amazing rugs. These rugs are nothing less than old money and a lot of people love to collect vintage rugs, so you can use this fact to your advantage.

You’ll want to visit a rug store and set a price for which your rug will be consigned. You will get to keep the majority of the revenue, while the rug shop will also get a cut from the consignment deal.

Auction Them

This is also a great way to make some money with your old vintage area rug. Auctioning vintage rugs is a booming trend at the moment and it’s a great way for people to buy and sell rugs that have that classic appeal that’s oh-so-irresistible.

There are a lot of authentic online and in-store auctions that you can participate in and make an amazing deal with someone who loves antique rugs Virginia. Vintage rugs are kind of the main attraction in these auctions, so don’t shy away and put your rug under the spotlight.

Sell Them

People can sometimes mistake selling for auctioning and while both terms do sound similar and you do make money from both, the nature and procedure of each are miles apart. Auctioning of a rug involves a bid made by a group of buyers and it’s up to you how much you want to sell the rug for.

In selling a rug, however, you advertise the rug, someone reaches out to you and you end up negotiating a price with a single buyer, one-on-one. See the difference? If you’re not interested in auctioning the rug, then you can surely sell it independently and there are a lot of marketplaces and forums on which you can do so.

Consider Professional Cleaning

If you want to use the rug, even if it’s getting old, then this is a tip that will turn your rug from a grimy and dirty thing to a spotless article of home décor.

Sometimes, the rug isn’t old, it just needs a good scrubbing and you’re good to go. You can get your rug professionally cleaned and see the difference for yourself. You won’t want to sell it or tuck it away once you get it cleaned.

Use As Wall Décor

Hey, if the rug isn’t good enough for the floors anymore, it can surely be used as wall décor. If wall tapestry is your thing and your existing rug has a cool and vivid pattern on it, then this idea will make you rethink the oldness of the rug.

You can hang the rug on the wall like you would a picture and if you can, you can even frame the rug, if it’s a vintage one. This might sound over the top, but it will look extremely subtle and unique and since this isn’t something you see every day, you’re going to love the look it gives your room.

Make Area Rugs

If you have a large, floor-covering rug in a solid color that is fraying from the edges and not doing too well, then you can turn the long and hard-to-manage rug into small area rugs. This is easy to do and all you need for this is a pair of good-quality scissors.

You’ll end up making 3 to 4 area rugs from a single huge rug. However, this idea only works for minimally designed rugs, because you can’t cut a rug with motifs on it, otherwise it just won’t look great.

Use It In Upholstery

Do you have chairs, small tables, or ottomans lying around that might need a bit of jazzing up? Well, look no further, because your “old” rug might just come in handy. You can use the rug, cut it to size, and put it on the ruined chairs to revamp them completely.

If you’re a pro at upholstery, then this is a fun project to try over the weekend, otherwise, you can even hire a professional to do it for you. Think of the money you’ll save from not buying new furniture fabric when you have rugs lying around that are in good condition.

Revamp The Rug

Speaking of revamping, did you know that rugs can be painted? If you have a plain old and boring jute rug that doesn’t even have a stitch of design on it, then you can break out your fabric paint and brushes and go to town with painting.

If you’re great with a paintbrush and want to turn your boring rug into something straight out of your creative trove, then you can change the look of the rug and it won’t be the same plain rug anymore. Sounds amazing, right?

Get Crafty With Them

If you want to go down the arts and crafts route and don’t want to reuse the rug, but still put it to some use, then you can cut the rug into sizable chunks and use those pieces to decorate things like flower pots, picture frames and more. This is a fun project to do with kids too and you’ll end up with a whole bunch of arts and crafts creations.

You can use the newly decorated items in your home, or you can even give them away as gifts. Nothing is better than a handmade gift, right?


Rugs aren’t meant to be tossed in the trash can. There a lot of ways by which you can repurpose them and even earn some money. As you may need a new rug after repurposing your old rug, look for wholesale Persian rugs VA that are affordable and beautiful. You will get high-quality rugs at a reasonable rate.

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