What Are The Most Important Kitchen Designing Rules?

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting job. You can choose from a variety of designs, ideas, and color schemes. However, this can sometimes become frustrating as well. The reason is that kitchens need to practical. This will help increase the overall value of the house as well. But if you are irresponsible and do not make the right decisions, your investment will go down the drain. So, to avoid that, below are some important kitchen remodeling and design rules for you to consider.

Create A Layout

The first and most important factor when it comes to designing a kitchen is creating a layout. It’s stressed a lot by every remodeler but some homeowners still tend to ignore it. Creating a layout simply means that you are virtually designing your kitchen to check and develop an idea of how it will look once it is complete.

A layout gives you an insight into how things will look and will give you a chance to make amends instead of bringing down the walls or floors if the vibe does not match the overall theme of the house. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the kitchen should complement or blend in with the rest of the house as well.

Furthermore, creating a layout gives the contractor a clear direction of how the process will go about. For instance, if you are not able to keep an eye on the project yourself due to your busy schedule, the layout will ensure the contractor does not miss a step.

The Work Triangle

You want to improve your kitchen’s functionality. For this, adapting the concept of work triangle is suggested. A work triangle in kitchen designing means minimizing the distance between the three most common areas of the kitchen, the sink, the refrigerator, and the cooking area. Upon adding the distance of all three areas, it should not be more than 26 feet.

Set A Budget

Setting up a budget is as important as creating a layout. When it comes to budget, one thing you need to keep in mind is that regardless of how much money you are willing to spend on designing your kitchen, it can still go wrong. The reason is that the majority of homeowners tend to focus on the luxury aspect of the area.

It is the opposite. As mentioned in the beginning, areas like the kitchen need to preserve their practicality. Inculcating some luxury features or accessories is not an issue but can be if practicality is compromised.

That said, setting up a budget helps you focus on your priorities, needs, and preferences. Otherwise, you can get lost in the process and spend money on things that you do not need. Therefore, make a list of the most practical things in your kitchen that need to be repaired or replaced as a top priority.

Once that is done, you can focus on adding luxury or decorative items that will help improve the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Design Wide Walkways

Kitchen sideways must be 36 inches wide if not more. And if the remodel is for a commercial kitchen, then the walkways must be 42 inches wide for one. In case of two chefs, it must be 48 inches or more. When designing new kitchen from scratch or remodeling a kitchen, you need to make sure you give enough room for people to walk through.

This also means that you will need to factor in kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, etc. If the kitchen space is already limited, you will have to look for ways to save space. If the kitchen is cramped to the point where two or more people find themselves struggling to navigate, you will need to open up the space a little.

Design A Multifunctional Kitchen

You might have not heard this before but designing a multifunctional kitchen if the kitchen area is limited is going to be your best decision ever made. A kitchen that not only helps you prepare meals but also provides a spot for you to eat. The biggest advantage of having a seating space in the kitchen is that you and your guests won’t have to bring the food to other areas of the house.

You can simply eat in the kitchen and keep the dishware limited to the area. Plus, you can also opt for foldable chairs and flip-out tables. On top of that, if you manage to add some storage space as well, you won’t have to struggle with finding separate spaces to store your essentials.

Consider The Lighting

Lighting is yet another important aspect of your kitchen as it will set the entire mood. Plus, it is also important from a safety perspective. Generally, there are five main types of interior lighting i.e. ambient, general, mood, task, and accent. Each of the types serves a specific purpose.

However, in your case, the purpose of the lighting should be to focus on the essential parts of the kitchen. If you have a relatively larger kitchen, you can opt for spotlights that focus on decorative items or objects. Sticking to one light source might help you save energy bills but will cause unflattering shadows.

If you wish and can, you can combine these types of lights and come up with a unique lighting pattern. But, make sure that your kitchen and its important areas are visible. This rule is vital for any home remodeling project like living room remodeling and bathroom remodeling Port Jefferson.

Maximize Storage Space

Believe it or not, most kitchen areas look cramped due to poor maintenance. With clutter spread everywhere, the kitchen tends to look cramped. Firstly, clean up the clutter and the entire kitchen. This will make it clear how much space you have.

The extra amount of space available can be used for storage. If you are someone who loves their meals, you are going to need extra storage space to store your favorite ingredients. You can install shelves, cupboards and pantry spaces to hold a maximum number of items.

The best thing about maximizing storage space is that you can easily purchase such items from your local supermarket. You do not have to build them and simply purchase and install them. The idea here is to utilize every inch of the space with practical concepts while contributing to the aesthetics.

Think About Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the most overlooked features in the kitchen. Because these areas experience a lot of moisture, humidity, oil, gasses, etc. it is important to make an escape route for such factors to exit. Otherwise, not only the fixtures but also your health may be compromised.

If you do not have one already, install a fan near the cooking range for the gasses to exit quickly. Plus, you can also turn on the fan for air circulation and ventilation if the house is humid.


Designing a kitchen is all about making the right decisions. Apart from considering the tips mentioned above, you should also consult an expert kitchen remodeler Port Jefferson. Space utilization is a tough job and an expert will help you immensely. However, make sure to define your needs and preferences to keep things moving in the right direction.