What Are The Cheapest Ways To Divorce

Divorce should be an easy and quick process and for this reason, a family attorney is hired. However, the divorce process can be quite expensive with all the lawyer’s fees, court fees and other expenses. Here are a few ways to save money on divorce to get a cheap divorce.

Having the Court to Waive All the Cost

You can actually go to court for divorce and not pay a single dollar. It is a cheap way to get a divorce. Many states in the US have the rule of charging no money to file divorce papers. Check with your local rules and regulations. This process is specially made for those who are financially unstable and actually can’t afford the fee.

For this, you will need to prove your financial status to the court for them to decide if you are actually unable to pay for the divorce. The proof requires your income, debts, social status, mortgage statement, credit cards, utility bills, disability, etc. Every document that is required will be written on the form so you can easily gather the information and the required documents to file in court for waiver.

Hire a Cheap Divorce Lawyer

The most expensive thing you will spend your money on in a divorce process is probably the divorce attorneys because the average divorce lawyer’s fees are $250 per hour. They are usually paid hourly and cost too much.

If your spouse wants to be contested in the court then you must start saving up because it is going to cost you a lot because the lawyers are expensive to hire. The fee of the lawyers can vary in different locales but you can hire a lawyer that’s cheap in your area according to your affordability. They may charge you for their services for around $50-100

Settle For an Agreement

If both of the spouses want to avoid the court costs and other divorce expenses that come with a divorce process then they must decide to meet up and come to an agreement. Coming to a mutually agreed decision is the best way to settle an argument, especially when the argument is as delicate as the divorce. You may need to hire a mediator to assess the situation and come up with a fair and just separation.

Mediators don’t charge much but you may need to hire a family attorney if you have a problem with children or complex finances. In the presence of the mediator and the attorneys, your property should be distributed evenly which means bank accounts, real estate, vehicles and any other property owned by the couple.

Any debt or loan should also be fairly divided between both of them and spousal support should be discussed if there is any need for it. Children custody is also a very delicate matter and it should be agreed upon mutually. You must decide who should take custody of the children and the visiting rights of the non-custodial parent.

Be Organized and Keep Emotions At Bay

For many people, divorce can be an emotional process but you should keep your emotions at bay. Being honest to your divorce attorney and engage in conversation why it ended up on getting a divorce. It will help them in forming their strategy. You must also be very calm and collected before putting out any emails, phone calls or meeting with the spouse. You must know what you want to talk about and you can create a list of questions or issues. This can substantially reduce the cost and difficulty levels in the divorce process.

Understand Your Bills Carefully

If you want a cheap divorce, you will need to keep an eye on your finances every day. You must review and revise your bills regarding your divorce process and make sure that you understand every one of them which includes court costs and attorney’s costs. If you find any discrepancies or don’t understand them, you must ask about them with the concerned personnel.

You need to find a cheap divorce lawyer Fairfax VA and also it is important that you understand the whole process of divorce from him/her. These tips will help you reduce the costs of divorce to a good extent.