The side effects of divorce on your children

So let us say that things are not going right between you and your spouse. After making constant attempts to save the marriage, everything just seems to be crumbling down. Regardless of that, chances are that you are still worried about the side effects of divorce on your children. On top of that, you may also be worried about finding the best divorce lawyers for your case.

Yes, it is true that divorce affects the entire family and that also includes children. So do not assume that your children will be immune from its side-effects. Even if your children do not express their emotions openly, chances are that they are going to be deeply affected.

The major side-effects of divorce on children

In this article, we list down all the major side effects that children suffer from after their parents get a divorce.

What are the short-term effects?

Apart from disturbing thoughts of not seeing parents together, children may face a number of short-term effects that include the following:


This is one of the most common aftermaths. Children of divorced parents often become anxious, nervous, and tensed out. As compared to older adults, children tend to be more prone to this side-effect as they are dependent on both the mother and the father. As a result of this, their studies may suffer. At the same time, they may also lose interest in hobbies that previously entertained them.


Due to a divorce, young children are prone to getting mood swings that do not have a pattern. These may also be triggered when they are interacting with people that they like. At the same time, some children also go into withdrawal modes in which they shut themselves off completely.

Intense sadness

Acute sadness is another symptom. The child may fall into depression which is more or less, a long-term effect of the intense sadness (if it lingers).

What are the long-term effects?

Well, not all effects are short-term. There are some side-effects that will stay with children forever and will follow them into their old age. These effects include the following:

Social problems

Children who go through the trauma of a divorce in the family are at great risk of developing antisocial and violent behavior. As a result of this, these children lose temper uncontrollably and do not hesitate to assault others. This may also result in the development of a criminal mindset in the long-run, if not controlled.

Relationship troubles

Due to the trauma, a child may develop a number of relationship problems such as trust issues and others. This will result in doubts about harmony and love, resulting in poor love life. As a result of this, every relationship that they get into as adults start with a very negative mindset.

Substance abuse

It is very common for children to get involved in substance abuse as they grow older and enter adolescence. This is more or less, a way for them to release the anxiety and frustration that they had bottled up since childhood.

According to a number of researches, teens who have experienced a divorce in the family are more prone to abusing substances. In this case, the lack of child health and mental well-being by a single parent can also be blamed sometimes.


There can be a number of side-effects that children face due to a divorce in the family. However, at times, getting a divorce is the only option. In this case, you will definitely need the best child support lawyer Fairfax VA to ensure that your children get their rights. This is the least that you could do at such a critical time period, while your children are already prone to a number of serious side-effects.