The Current Odds of US Presidential: What Trump and Biden Are Missing(and Losing)

Elaborated on a spectrum of reports and polls, we can see at this current stage of both candidates’ odds based on the perspective and policy’s standpoint they’re carrying on during the campaign. It’s quite interesting that whether their think tanks know or consider Trump vs Biden polls that the energy policy doesn’t look sexy at the eye of majority voters but they use it anyway. Each problem has its own actuality and potential capitalization. The political surveys run by both sides seems to create the gaps between their findings and academics or independent polls’ says

We can’t elaborate many factors from what Trump and Biden have shown by far since their opposite standpoints seem blurred probably because of the Nation vs Soul they’ve brought to the table. However, it’s still interesting to sneak peek at the odds between the two contending parties of the upcoming US Presidential Election. We’ve seen the undercards, let’s the main cards.

Energy Is Lacking at Grass Root but Superior at Elites

It’s a fact that most US voters don’t really care about green energy issues at all. Most people might think it’s because the distortion rumbled into grassroots voters due to Coronavirus but it’s actually not. While the virus is the most actual problem and concerned by a third of voters, the gap towards the green policy is just hugely wide. Somewhere between two topics are the familiar factors we’ve already known, but somehow, even though they’re classical and certain, these topics are unlikely openly embraced by two parties

The leadership and racism issues have grown as the second and third most concerning topics on the grassroots but still, yet go public or reach the elites’ tables. The country unification and crime follow the two but still with a greater response than the green energy issues. It has intriguing many independent observers to see, as we do, whether both parties are playing safe.

Why Is Not Coronavirus Topic?

Coronavirus has no place in campaigns where the related factors like leadership and government policy can’t be struck publicly. Indeed, the virus is real and really has a bad impact but the dull-double-edged swords are happening to both sides as well. Biden has no momentum to put Coronavirus on the table before the debate while Trump won’t certainly capitalize on his highly criticized administration efforts on controlling the pandemic.

The Current Odds: Someone Is Losing

At this point, we might have agreed with Trump vs Biden Florida polls that both sides don’t cater to prominent issues clustered in voter’s environment that, to some extent, showing that someone is losing. Trump seems to play better with capitalizing allegations towards Biden and the 2016 election long fear of Democrats. On the other hand, Biden is failing to exploit coronavirus and Trump’s governmental leadership. There are a strong Democrats “conservative” and radical drives behind Biden’s party so his think tankers choose the energy issues instead.