8 Things That Can Damage Granite Countertop

Granite is a tough natural stone, but does it mean it can’t be damaged? No. Granite countertops are durable but they are susceptible to damage from some objects and usage practices. Avoid these things on your granite countertop to keep them from getting scratches, cracks, dull surfaces, and overall damage.

Storing Acidic Items On The Granite Countertops

Keeping some frequently used items on the granite surface is common. But if you’re keeping acidic items on your granite countertops, there is a higher risk of spills on the surface which can damage and discolor the countertop.

Raw Meat

When cutting and using raw meat on your granite countertop surface, the impact depends if your countertop is sealed on not.

On unsealed granite countertops, the bacteria in meat will find themselves in the granite and begin contaminating the surface. But if your countertops are sealed, the bacteria effect is negated to much extent but the risk doesn’t go away completely.

Moreover, after working with meat on the granite surface, most people use harsh chemicals to clean the surface. These store-bought cleaners damage and dull the granite countertop and regular use can even discolor the counter’s surface.

Ideally, use a cutting board for meat and similar items. For protecting your granite countertops, seal the surface and use soapy water and a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Acidic Cleaners

Whether you’re using vinegar and similar household items or a store-bought acidic countertop cleaner, long-term use of acidic cleaners will dull the countertop surface. Acidic solutions clean stains easily and quickly and leave your countertop in distress. The same goes for soaps that contain ammonia as they will make it a dull-looking countertop.

Hot Pans

Granite countertops are heat resistant, but if you want to keep your countertop shiny and beautiful, avoid putting hot pans on granite countertops.

It’s tempting to keep a hot pan on the countertop surface after cooking, but doing so regularly will damage the sealant and can stain the countertop. Moreover, excessive heat on a granite countertop can crack its surface. Use the countertop’s surface for putting hot pans on it but make sure there is a hot pad or trivet between them.

Knives And Similar Tools

Granite countertops are tough but cutting everything on its surface with knives and sharp items will definitely scratch your countertop. The knives are damaged as well because their blades become dull more quickly. It’s important to note that dull knives are more dangerous than sharp knives and can cause accidental cuts.

Plus, cutting food directly on granite counters leads to damage from cleaners. Let us explain.

Using the granite surface as a cutting board will lead to frequent cleaning. And for cleaning, most homeowners use chemical cleaners that damage the countertop and make the surface appear dull. To avoid these problems, make it a habit to perform knives-related tasks on a cutting board.

Using The Countertop Sink As A Bathtub For Children

It’s easy to keep the children happy or clean them by simply putting them in the under-mounted countertop sink. But it is damaging to your granite countertop and all other countertop materials.

The body weight of a child puts more pressure on the sink and it can cause water to seep into the space between the sink and the countertop surface. Moisture is damaging to granite. Moreover, the water also gets into the cabinets under the countertops and if they are wood cabinets, water will ruin them soon.

So, preserve the under-mount seal of your granite kitchen countertop and use the bathroom tub for bathing and having fun with your child.

Impact Damage From Heavy Items

Granite countertops are tough but a heavy object dropping directly onto the countertop can lead to chipping, scratches, and cracks. Furthermore, the cutouts near the sink are more prone to damage from heavy objects.

Spills That Aren’t Cleaned Immediately

Sealed granite countertops are less vulnerable to stains, but leaving food spills on the granite surface is bad because it will take much effort to clean it if the spill is given time to become hard. With these stains, you may be tempted to use a cleaner which will also damage the countertop.


Your granite countertop will thank you with shine and extended life if you avoid using the above-mentioned things on it. For installing, replacing, and sealing your granite countertop, get in touch with a granite contractor Rockville.