How To Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions

If you want to add instant length and volume to your hair, tape-in hair extensions will do. They’re not permanent. And also, these human hair extensions are less damaging to your roots.

While many will suggest, you access a professional for this task. But I say if you’re an excellent DIYer, you can do it at home too. Terms and conditions applied.

Here’s a complete explanation of how you can apply tape-in hair extensions.

Tips Before You Start The Application Process

  • Ask your friend for help. You can apply the hair wefts on the front, but it is difficult at the back. Therefore, you need an additional pair of eyes and hands. If no friend is available for help, no worries. You can still do the job with a back mirror. It’ll get easier with more and more practice.
  • You’re supposed to hide your extensions. And make it look like your natural hair. But if you’re going to place your extensions too close to the edge or too high. Then, there’s a possibility of the hair wefts coming off in the worst situations. For instance, while you’re flipping your hair or moving your fingers through your hair.
  • Make sure you’re perfectly sticking your extensions. And the bottom weft should stick edge to edge with the upper weft.e

Applying Tape-In Hair Extensions

Wash Your Hair

The base of any process needs to be cleaned. And therefore, the initial and the most crucial step is to wash your hair. Make sure there’s no grease or dust in your hair before you apply the tape-in hair extensions.

Also, make sure your hair is bone dry. Or else the sticky part will not adhere properly. In case you’re wondering, what if I apply extensions without washing my hair, as they’re not that dirty. Do not even try that. I repeat. Never.

One of my friends has a whole story related to this. Her tape-in extensions came off during a meeting. Imagine the embarrassment when a complete weft of hair comes off while you’re running your fingers through it! Worst nightmare, right?

Section-Off Your Hair

Just like the end taste of the bread depends upon the dough. In the same way, the end look of your hair extensions depends upon how perfectly you sectioned your hair. And for a professional-approved look, start from the bottom of your scalp. Then, go to the top, layer after layer.

With the help of a tail comb, section your hair. Leave the bottom hanging below. And make a bun at the crown. Be sure all the hair is divided correctly. You do not want any hair hanging below from the top part. So, use a stiff bow or clip to secure your hair.

Measure Each Layer

You would hear almost every hairstylist saying to you, “The thinner the hair section, the perfect it will be.” Now you wonder why. Also, maybe you want to finish it sooner by taking bigger hair sections. But all you need is patience. Well, I’ll explain that to you later.

In this step, you need to measure each layer of your hair from top to bottom. Make sure these horizontal layers are thin and equal. It will also help you determine the number of hair extension wefts you’re going to need.

Applying The Hair Extensions

This is where the requirement mentioned above comes to help. You need to separate the smaller and thinner hair sections. It will be helpful in adherence to the tape. The sticky part of the bottom weft will easily stick to the upper hair weft, then.

Take a thinner section of your hair and carefully place the bottom weft under it. Now use your hands to see if you can feel the sticky part of the hair extension. Then, adhere the upper hair extension carefully to the bottom one. Make sure the edges stick firmly with each other. And then repeat the process for all the layers.


Tape-in hair extensions require some extra care while taped. Or otherwise, the tape will come off. You need to brush your hair regularly because hair extensions are prone to tangling. Also, secure your hair while sleeping for extra care. If you are going to an important event, don’t risk it and get hair extensions in salon Potomac.