What Are The Types Of Home Additions

Since the size of most families keeps increasing with time, their house might eventually become smaller for all of the occupants. So, along with the changing needs of your family, you might have to consider building home addition to keep your house enough to occupy all of the family members.

Specially, doing a home addition Project is a great decision when you cannot afford to move into a larger house.

However, when it comes to adding new livable space to your house, there are many options for you to choose from. In this article, we will provide you with some of the different types of home addition projects you can choose from according to your needs.

Bumping Your House Out

Since adding a room to your house, or adding a whole new floor can be an expensive addition, you can bump your house out to keep the remodeling project within an affordable range. Moreover, you can use the bump out to add more space to your already existing rooms. For example, if you want to add more space to your previously existing kitchen, you can easily bump it out a bit to add more square footage.

These bump outs may cost a lot. That is because some bump outs can be easily made with minimum effort, while others might require you to lay a separate foundation, which ultimately increases the overall project price.

Usually, home bump outs can cost a bit more as compared to large constructions, but since you do not need extra permits for these bump outs, you can save yourself some money and time.

Full Addition

Full home additions are usually the most common type of additions. With the help of full additions, you can add whole rooms, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, or any other place to your existing house. The only limitation of these additions is the size of your lot, or your total budget for the project.

However, full home additions can also be seen as complex projects. That is because these require a lot of planning prior to actually starting the project, and it can cost a lot of money as well. Building more complicated conditions can cost you more money, and significantly more time.

Depending on the room you are going to add to your house, you will have to hire HVAC experts, plumbing experts, and electricians. This can further add to the cost and length of the project. These projects also require you to get permits from relevant authorities in your city.

If you will be staying in a different house during the addition Project, consider asking your contractor for overnight work. This type of work is more efficient, and is safer as compared to daytime work. Additionally, if your house is located in the hot area, the nighttime will be cooler as compared to the daytime, allowing the workers to work easily.

While these additions can cost you a lot of money, they can add more value to your house. You can use the added space for as long as you want to stay in your house, and upon resale, you will enjoy the increased resale value of your house as well.

Home Remodel

Remodeling can be done to increase the beauty and appeal of your house without doing much work or spending a lot of money. The key to running a successful remodeling project in your house is concentrating on the room at hand, and completing it perfectly before moving to the next room. Also, you should have all of your expectations properly listed and communicated with your remodeling contractor before the project even starts.

The overall cost of home remodeling also varies drastically depending on the type of remodel you are after.


Doing room conversions in your house can help you transform your old garage or attic into a useful room. Usually, homeowners convert their attics and garages into bedrooms, but you can do whatever you want to with that extra square footage in your house.

Keep in mind that some room conversions might require you to extend your plumbing and HVAC system to the area you are converting. So, the cost of room conversions can vary depending on your needs and the home addition companies DC you choose.