12 Winter Wedding Tips You Need

Planning a wedding in winter is not easy, but if you are set on doing it, we have got plenty of tips related to venue, management, and wedding tent rentals that will help you ensure it is indeed the best day of your life, no matter the weather. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Make Sure to Get the Right Dress for The Weather

Having a cape as part of the bride’s dress is not only fashionable during a winter wedding, it also makes sense from a practical point of view. Also look into other things that will help you stay warm, such as faux fur and veil.

Do Not Leave the Groom Out in Your Planning

While you are making preparations for your own dress, keep in mind you have your other half who will be taking the vows alongside you on the day of your wedding as well, and you of course wouldn’t want them to do it cold. Velvet blazers are a no brainer for grooms during a winter wedding ceremony. Trendy as well as warm.

Mind the Makeup and Beauty Prep

Remember that your skin will not be in the best of conditions during a really chilly day, and so do whatever you can beforehand to make sure applying makeup is easy. Take care of those chapped lips before layering on a coat of lipstick, and make those cheeks supple with ample moisturizer before powdering on some blush.

Don’t Forget Under the Dress Insulation

While covering up on the outside is well and good, make sure that things under the dress remain warm as well. Wear skin colored tights that don’t show up through the dress, and keep you warm throughout the wedding ceremony.

Check Out Chic Footwear Made for Winter

While we are on the subject of keeping your legs covered, remember the one part of your appendage that will be poking out and visible under the dress: your feet. And when it comes to those, there is no shortage of winter shoes to grace them. A nice knee-high boot will transform the look of your dress on the

Winter Is Your Chance to Get as Glittery as You Like

All those dresses that seemed too heavy to wear during the summers, now is your chance to sport them with pride. Be as glamorous with your wedding dress as you can afford. No one will bat an eye.

Remember to Keep Your Maids Warm as Well

You are in charge of not only deciding your own dress on the wedding day, but also coordinating what your bridesmaids will be wearing and how well it compliments with your own choice, as well as the overall theme of the wedding. But while all of those are important, the most important thing is to ensure they stay warm.

Make Sure to Start Out Early to Make Up for Traffic

There is no guarantee how bad the weather will get on your wedding day, and how it might affect traffic, and so it makes sense to leave the house for the venue as early as you can to ensure you get there in ample time to oversee the final décor as well as a practice run.

Have Both the Ceremony and Reception in One Place

This will prevent the need to leave the ceremony and travel through the cold to get to the reception venue. Try to make it an indoor ceremony if you can.

Make Use of Candles to Create a Warm Atmosphere

The incandescent, warm and welcoming vibe of a candlelit venue will provide a nice reprieve from the harsh cold weather outside.

Make Arrangements for Guests to Hang Their Coats

Either have someone take guests’ coats, and assign a tag to them to keep track of what belongs to who, or have a place to hang coats near their seats.

Ensure That the Venue Is Warm and Toasty

This is the most basic yet the most essential thing for a winter wedding. The heating must be in perfect order on the day or your wedding might be in jeopardy.

Armed with these tips, there is no stopping you from making your wedding a blast, regardless of how frigid the weather may be on the day. Another good tip to ensure everything goes as planned is to hire wedding party rentals Rockland NY with experience handling wedding ceremonies, preferably during the months of winter.