How To Make Your Wedding Entertaining

Among all the wedding party rentals and venue choosing to wedding tent rentals, there should also be some arrangement of entertainment for the guests is a vital prospect. Here are a few ways you can make your wedding more entertaining.

  1. Don’t Break the Flow of the Party

Your wedding party must go on and keep going. Your guests shouldn’t wait for more than 20 minutes for the next course. Keep the party going in the right direction after all you paid for all the wedding party rentals so you wouldn’t want your guests to go from your party bored. This doesn’t mean to rush things. Keep things nice and steady cocktails and making guests come down on the dance floor.

  1. Fireworks

Everybody likes themselves a good firework display. If done right in a wedding, it adds an additional memory and sparks to the wedding. Fireworks can be big or small as per your needs. However, you need to consider some technical stuff that is required to pull off a good firework show. For example, you need to ask the venue vendor if firework can be done because there are different preferences by each.

Some allow fireworks and pyrotechnics while some allow only sparklers. You also need to make sure that it doesn’t harm the wedding tent because wedding tent rentals aren’t cheap, and any damage can incur an additional cost.

  1. Toasts Should Be Short

Toasting should be quality overtime period. Long toasts can become rather boring. You can ask whoever is speaking to only tell the main points and keep it under two minutes. The shorter the toasts are, the more people can speak up and entertain the guests.

  1. Get Dancing

Ask your wedding party rental provider to include a good dance floor. One thing the guests love more than food is dancing through the night. Don’t make them wait long hours to dance. Just open the dance floor and start dancing after reception cocktails. Make sure the DJ is experienced and knows how to transition good wedding songs.

  1. Keep the Kids Busy

Kids are often mischievous and cause their parents not to fully enjoy the party. Their parents are mostly deprived of the lots of stuff that you have set up, mainly the dance floor. Setting up a separate section for kids will keep them busy for their parents to enjoy. You can add up games, jumping castle, trampoline or even hire a babysitter.

  1. Photo Booth

A photo booth is another way to add entertainment to your wedding party. Your guests can goof around and take pictures in it. A photo booth is mostly included in parties. They are a way to make your wedding more memorable literally by taking pictures.

  1. Add Something Surprising

An interactive bar. Interactive dinner idea where you get to make or brew your own food or drink. Entertainments like chess, bocce ball and Jenga are worth the surprise because they are enjoyable by many of the people. You can also have an unexpected first dance to be slow and then speeding it up with a more salsa and Latin style dance to surprise everyone and have a good time.

  1. Customizable Food

Food is one thing that guests are very much excited about. It should be perfect in every way. For this reason, you can include a food station that lets guests personalize the food in their own preferences. They can make their own perfect food just like a sandwich at Subway. It will leave them happy and adds an interactive feature to your food station. Make sure you have enough food to feed your guests.

  1. Sweet Cart

Sweet cart is a way of keeping the guests entertained with sweets and chocolates throughout the wedding. Introduce them after the evening buffet and then it can stay to serve throughout. Make sure the sweet cart is well decorated and according to the theme of the wedding. A heart-shaped cake, décor or glassware can add up to the theme. Sweet cart is something that both adults and kids can enjoy.

Your wedding tent rentals VA are just the start of the whole expense. Make sure you have enough budget to pull this off.