9 iPhone Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Most people don’t know that they are making iPhone mistakes. This guide on iPhone tips will help you find out which iPhone mistakes you have been making and how to do things right.

  1. Charging it Wrong

It has been seen that most of the people charge iPhone wrong. What they do is to take it to 100% and remove from the socket. However, the right way is different than this. You can charge your iPhone anytime; no matter how much battery is remaining. For example, put it to charge when it has 30% or 50% for one hour or more. You can also charge it when it has 80%. iPhone comes with a lithium battery that can never be overcharged.

  1. Not Cleaning iPhone

You should clean your iPhone regularly. They may contain dust or dirt. Sometimes, the charging port or headphone stops works just because there is dust inside. You should clean the headphone jack, charging port as well as cameras and the whole iPhone regularly to keep it in the best working conditions.

  1. Using Cheap Accessories

This is one of the most serious iPhone mistakes. Many people don’t know that they have fake charging cables, adopters and other iPhone accessories. The fake charging cables can be harmful. They are slow when it comes to charging iPhone. They get damaged easily and you will end up spending more on the accessories.

  1. Keeping Wi-Fi, Bluetooth turned On

Have you noticed that your iPhone is consuming power or battery faster than normal rate? This might be due to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This is one of the important iPhone tips to remember that Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when turned on make iPhone use battery faster. Your phone constantly tries to search for Wi-Fi networks and devices to pair with so you will see it consumes more power. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only when needed.

  1. Not Updating iPhone

There are two theories when it comes to updating iPhone. Many people believe new updates slow down your device so you should avoid it whereas the other group asserts updates are important keep your device secure. The fact is that you should update your iPhone because new updates are meant for better services, new features, improved performance and tight security for the device. We hope you will now update your iPhone whenever there is a new update.

  1. Not Considering Temperature

iPhone is designed to better work and perform in ambient temperature. This limit is between 20-35 degree Celsius. If the temperature reaches the either limit and cross it, you will notice your iPhone is consuming battery really fast. The reason is that iPhone is designed in a way it works best in the temperature limit. So never keep your iPhone in kitchen or other areas where temperature is high or too low.

  1. Not Backing Up iPhone

Apple created iTunes and iCloud services for the iPhone and Mac users in order to let them back up their devices with the data. Many people even don’t know how to use these iPhone tips and make iPhone mistakes. You should turn on iCloud on your device, back it up in iTunes and it will keep your data safe. In case you lose the device or it cannot be switched on for any reason, your data will still be safe.

  1. Using Only Apple Apps

There is no denying of that fact that Apple makes the best hardware and products in terms of design. The software and OS by Apple are also amazing. But many apps the company offers as default in iPhone are not the best. For example, the maps app is not so good. Google Maps is way and far better than this one. You should definitely try iPhone apps by other developers.

  1. Not Using “Find My iPhone” Feature

Well, there is no doubt that iPhone comes with a lot of security features that cannot be bypassed. Apple has always focused on protecting user data and preferred security over anything else. For this reason, iPhone comes with a feature to help you find your stolen, snatched or lost iPhone. Many people don’t use this feature. But it can save your life if you lose the device. Turn this feature right now and protect your iPhone.