7 Weight Loss Gimmicks To Stay Away From

We all wish to slay in the dresses which cost us thousands of bucks and for that it’s not surprising that most of us either follow some diet which we have come across online or follow the diet our doctor suggested when we visited a doctors weight clinic. However in an urgency to lose weight faster we often tend to get attracted by the fast weight loss ways and this is when we start trusting the weight loss gimmicks which we definitely shouldn’t, considering how dangerous they are. Few of these gimmicks are mentioned below.

Detox Diets

Detox and cleanse diets claim to help you lose weight by removing toxins from your body and increasing its effectiveness. These diets use two kinds of methods; the juice method or the pill method. No matter whichever method you use neither of it is a healthy way to lose weight. Why? Because it’s true that detox drinks or pills can help you shed a few pounds as they are low in calories but at the same time they deprive your body of the required nutrition and fiber, thus damaging your body and causing side effects like allergy, nausea, and dizziness.

Weight Loss Supplements

Supplements claim to make you lose a lot of weight in a very short span of time and it’s not surprising that there are thousands of people who fall into this trap. But do you know that the ingredients of most of these weight loss supplements are not tested and aren’t usually supported by any weight loss research. Don’t trust me on that? Then try asking your doctor about it next time you visit a doctors weight clinic. He will surely tell you to stay away from any such pills because there’s no such thing as a magic potion and these pills are just a waste of money as well as good health.

Tight Corsets

Many of us are guilty of wearing tight corsets in order to appear slim and smart. However next time if you feel like wearing it make sure you recall the fact that wearing these tight corsets can cause kidney, lungs, lower body and other internal issues due to the fact that it compresses your stomach real bad.

Diets That Sound Unrealistic

Ever heard of one week diets or 10 day diets that claim to help you lose 5-10 kgs? I’m sure you must have and I’m even sure it must have seem attractive to you at some point because it’s natural that we all look for fast results. However, next time you come across such a diet make sure you don’t fall into this trap.

No Carbs Diet

No carbohydrate diet is also a trap. Make sure you do not get trapped in it. It’s true that it yields results really fast but at the same time these diets are said to increase pressure on your heart and so cause heart issues. Remember – lose weight not your mind.

Artificial Sweeteners and Zero Calorie Sodas

Do you really think that zero calorie sodas or artificial sweeteners are a good option? Like how can adding healthy ingredients to unhealthy stuff make any sense? Plus don’t forget the damage these cause to your body. Diet sodas are said to cause heart diseases and cancers along with damaging your teeth.

Diet Creams

Do you really think that any cream can lose your weight? I mean if they were actually a hit thing then why don’t any of the medical center for weight loss  prescribe them? Also, it’s always better to use researched and authentic stuff because your health is very important and you really shouldn’t compromise on it in a hurry to lose weight.