Facts About Abortion You Must Know About

There are so many misconceptions about abortion clinics and the idea of it in many countries is negative. You must know that there are so many facts that you should read about

Even if there are so many critics against abortion, it is still one of the most common and safest procedures for any woman to undergo. There are anti-abortion laws that are passed, and many people have questions about the frequency, safety, and reliability of the procedure. In order to answer some of the questions about in office abortion, there are facts in this article you must know about.

Here are the facts about abortion that can help you decide whether to go for it or not:

It is Safe

Medication and in-clinic abortions are safe. The truth is, abortion is among the safest medical procedures you will have if you need it.

Planned Parenthood is the main reason why some countries have the most modern medical standards and guidelines when it comes to health care, and one of them is abortion. Medical research is normally reviewed, and it can provide updates from groups like the World Health Organization.

It is rare to experience serious problems following an abortion, but of course there are risks like any other medical procedure.

There is a declining abortion rate

Even if abortion is legal in some countries, the rate is declining every year. It has dropped by significantly in the USA. Health experts think that getting easy access to birth control together with increased awareness about unwanted pregnancies are the reasons behind it. If women have more access to birth control, then abortion rate decreases.

Recovery time is not very long

You are going to receive written self-care instructions with a phone number that you can contact if you have any questions or concerns. You can come back for a lab check up after getting your procedure.

You can plan to rest after getting an abortion. Normally, you can go back to work or school and do most of your normal activities the following day. Stay away from doing hard work or strenuous exercise over the next couple of days. If you experience any bleeding, use tampons, menstrual cup, or pads. Whichever is comfortable for you is fine. However, the doctor or nurse might tell you to use pads so you can monitor your bleeding. As soon as you are ready, you can have sex again.

There are several kinds of abortion

The medication abortion or abortion pill where you just have to take a pill to end your pregnancy is the first kind. Your uterus will force out the pregnancy tissue after you take the pill.

The vacuum aspiration is done within the first 12 weeks and it takes only about 10 minutes. The procedure will suction out the fetus to empty your uterus.

Family planning abortion clinic dc will give you the best advice on how to go about the procedure. They will walk you through it, so you are well-informed about everything.