How Not To Cut Down A Tree

Trees are an important part of the natural ecosystem. They produce fresh air and provide us shade against the blistering sun. However, some situations might demand pruning or removal. This can be a tricky situation if you do not maintain your trees properly because you may need to get tree removal services to cut down the tree. However, some people like to perform tree removal themselves. Therefore, we have got some important tips to share that you should keep in mind before going ahead. Let’s discuss!

Pruning Mistakes

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to tree removal is deciding whether the tree actually needs removal or pruning. The reason is that most people believe that once the tree appears a bit scraggly, it needs to be brought down. However, that is not the case each time.

You can prune and trim its branches to restore and improve its growth. At the same time, you should ensure if it is the right time to prune. If you were to prune the branches prematurely, you will end up removing the buds that help the plant grow in the next season.

Therefore, the best pruning time is early spring and or the fall season. Plus, make sure that you only prune the shoots and not the collar. This might leave the tree open to insects and diseases that can affect its health.

Not Familiar With How To Remove A Tree

If you are about to remove a tree without any prior experience or the assistance of an expert, think again. Keep in mind that removing a tree is a serious task. A countless number of people have undergone life-threatening injuries just because they did not follow the safety protocols.

It might seem easy in the videos and tutorials but the reality is completely different when it comes to application. Before you get down to removing a tree, you should wear safety equipment, prune and trim as many branches as you can, and pay attention to the surroundings. If the tree is large, you might have to use a chainsaw.

But if you are not familiar with its usage, it is better to contact a professional. Chainsaws are extremely dangerous machines that can lead to permanent injuries.

Leaving The Stump

Once you have successfully removed the tree, you will be left with the stump and roots in the ground. Neglecting the stump can be hazardous as it can attract insects and may be infested with termites. As a result, the termites can easily work their way up from the stump to the inside of your house looking for more wood.

Therefore, at the end of the day, you could find yourself spending a huge amount of money on expensive repairs and replacements. With that said, remove the tree stump as soon as the tree itself is removed.

Not Paying Attention

When removing a tree, you need to be careful and consider the direction in which it is going to fall. This is quite an unpredictable situation where even experts sometimes tend to fail. Therefore, you will need to carefully plan and cut the tree to prevent it from falling in your direction.

If you are careless about it, you can easily end up seriously hurting yourself along with the properties nearby. Then again, if you are not aware of the process, hiring a professional is going to be a much better option.

Try To Remove A Rotting Tree

Removing a healthy tree is already a tough task but putting your hands on a rotting tree is adding fuel to the fire. The reason is that a tree that is rotting can be very unpredictable. You never know where and when it will fall. Sometimes, you may just cut it thrice and it will fall. It might collapse on itself as well.

Furthermore, identifying signs of a rotting tree is another complication. Make sure that you are not handling something that is way beyond your expertise and skills.

Final Word

As this article reaches its conclusion, we are sure to have shared the most common tree removal don’ts to avoid. Remember to play it safe and do not undertake a task that risks your safety as well as those in the surroundings. Look for tree cutting services Bethesda to remove a tree.