How To Clean Commercial Refrigerator Coils

Your commercial refrigerator has a set of coils used for heat dissipation, and in order to ensure proper working of your unit at all times, you will need to clean these from time to time or hire commercial refrigerator services for it. Let us take you through the process of commercial refrigerator coil cleaning step by step.

Remove The Power Supply To Your Commercial Refrigerator

This is a no brainer before you start working on any electrical appliance, in specific commercial ones which are rated for much higher voltages. Cut the power supply and remove any plugs going into the main socket in order to ensure there is no way for current to flow, even in the event of a mishap.

Locate The Condenser Coils At The Back Of The Appliance

Commercial refrigerators are big, and locating the condenser coil assembly hidden behind the face can be a bit of work if you are going in blind. Take a look at the manual to see exactly where on the body the coil can be accessed from or get the help of appliance technicians.

Move The Unit To Ensure A Hindrance Free Working Area

Once you have located the coils, you will need to clear the area around it to ensure that you have unhindered access to the spot, and ample space to work with your tools without creating a mess.

Remove The Cover To Fully Expose The Condenser Coils

The condenser coils, as mentioned above, are hidden somewhere on the back of the commercial refrigerator units, and to gain access to it, you will have to unscrew the top cover that protects it from dust.

Dust Away The Coil And Fan Gently Using A Stiff Bristle Brush

Even with the cover on, dust particles will always find a way to seep into the appliance, and you will notice this immediately with how much dirt will be tacked onto your cooling fin and fan assembly. Getting rid of all that gunk is not an easy task and will require you scraping it off bit by bit with a stiff brush over the next few hours.

Work On The Dirty Space Between The Coils Using A Vacuum

Once the dirt accumulated onto the coil has been sufficiently brushed, you can get rid of the final bits, especially those accumulated within the crevices between the coils with a vacuum.

Make Sure To Clean Up The Area After You Are Done Working

With the coil and fan assembly clean, the dust that must have fallen to the ground in the process must also be taken care of. Simply swipe it off with the same vacuum cleaner.

Do Not Forget To Wipe The Coil Cover And Grate You Set Aside

Before you put the lid back onto the coil behind which it was hidden, give it an overview. Chances are there is a sheet of dust on the grate as well, but this is easy to wipe off.

Reattach The Cover Onto The Coil Assembly On The Appliance

Once the grate and lid has also been cleaned, it is time to simply reattach it onto the coil assembly and screw it back on.

Turn The Refrigerator Back On A But Leave It Empty For A Bit

Finally, once you are done with all the work, simply turn the refrigerator on but do not start putting items back into the compartment for at least a few hours, as the unit requires some time to stabilize.

And this way, you now have a spanking clean commercial refrigerator coil, which will not only ensure that your unit works to its optimal efficiency going forward, but also helps extend the overall lifespan of your commercial refrigerator. Not to mention that it helps reduce energy bills as the heat transfer cycle draws in less electricity to maintain the same internal temperature.

With so many advantages, you can see now why it is often reiterated to keep your commercial refrigerator in top order via maintenance and proper cleaning from time to time. The last thing that you want is the appliance breaking down on you. However, sometimes, that is inevitable, in which case you should contact a reliable commercial refrigerators repairs Fairfax service.