When to go to an orthopedic doctor?

So, did you sustain an injury recently? Or perhaps you are going through some type of chronic pain? Well, chances are that it may be time for you to see your doctor. In this regard, you may ask whether it makes sense to visit the primary physician, or should you instead choose orthopedic doctors.

Well, your choice would depend on what you are looking for and what your symptoms are. After all, not all doctors are created the same. Sometimes, we believe that a primary care physician will be able to solve all our issues.

However, going to a specialist can help you save time and the money also. Moreover, you will be able to get better results because a specialist will easily pin-point your problem without making you run in circles. This why we consider it extremely important to reach out to orthopedic clinics in case you are having issues with your joints.

What is Primary Care Doctor?

Well, before you figure out that it is time to see an orthopedic doctor, you must understand the difference between both these. Firstly, the primary care physician is a professional that is trained in the field of medicine.

Often at times, a primary care physician is the first point of contact for the patients. And most patients will see these physicians when they are not sure about a diagnosis. Then, the primary care physician may refer them to specialists like dentists, joint specialists, heart doctors, and a lot more.

It is though, good to have a primary care physician who knows about your medical history. They will be able to make the right recommendations to you in case you need special attention.

What is an orthopedic doctor?

Well, an orthopedic doctor is different from a regular primary care physician in many ways. First, orthopedic doctors has the expertise in the problem that you are dealing with. So, they may be able to make reasonably accurate guesses based on your symptoms.

Then, these doctors will also run some tests to accurately pinpoint the issues that you might be facing.

Basically, an orthopedic doctor specializes in the musculosckeletal system. This system features joints, muscles, nerves, cartilage, and the bones. Since these doctors have studied these body structures in good detail, they can help you determining your cause of discomfort and pain.

Furthermore, orthopedic doctors will also be able to guide you with whether you need a surgery or just medication. All in all, these are the doctors that you must rely on for your joint pain.

Signs that you should see an orthopedic doctor

So, you may wonder, what are the signs that it is time for me to visit an orthopedic doctor? Well, let us list that for you:

  • You have pain that is not going away from 48 hours
  • It is difficult to move any joint
  • Your back, neck, knee, and elbows hurt from movement
  • You are not able to perform regular tasks with your symptoms
  • Nothing seems to be working
  • Your condition is getting worse with passing days

If you have any of these above symptoms, then do not delay an appointment with your orthopedic doctor. You must tackle the issue and resolve it before it becomes worse for you.


The human body is like a machine. And the skeletal system is the structure that supports it. Hence, it is very important for you to take good care of your joints and bones. However, at times repetitive motion may cause stress that makes life unbearable.

In such a situation, talk with the best orthopedic surgeons McLean near your area and get specialized advice. This will help you in finding relief better.