6 Maintenance Tips For Your Car’s Paint

Every vehicle owner wants the paint of his or her car to look shiny and good as new even after years of usage. While some owners perform weekly detailing and maintenance and consider car bodywork protection film, others due to limited time and busy schedules are not able to take care of their vehicles. Since the paint develops the first and last impression especially when it comes to determining the value of a car, it is important to keep it maintained. Therefore, let’s discuss some car paint maintenance tips for you to consider.

Wash Your Car With A Shampoo

The first step of maintaining the paint of your vehicle relates to washing your car with shampoo. Even though people still use detergents and shampoos made for humans but end up paying for expensive car detailing sessions later down the road as well. The aim is to protect and preserve the original paint of the vehicle as much as possible.

Therefore, anything that damages the clear coat should be avoided. Vehicle shampoos are specially made to remove dirt and debris without stripping waxes and polishes. Make sure that you purchase a pH-neutral shampoo that effectively removes the dirt without hurting the paint.

Use A Microfiber Cloth

Before the invention of microfiber cloth, paint maintenance was a huge issue. The cloth used for drying or polishing would leave swirl marks all over the place. To avoid such situations especially when it comes to maintaining dark-colored vehicles such as black and grey etc. you should only use a microfiber towel for drying and cloth for polishing. Choose a microfiber cloth that has the highest GSM ratio.

In addition to that, use different cloths for different areas of the vehicle. For instance, do not use the same cloth for the rims and windows. It might leave heavy scratches. Purchase separate cloths for rims, windows, doors, panels, and roof, etc.

Get Paint Protection Film Installed

Paint Protection Film or PPF is the ultimate paint protection technique. The process involves installing a transparent film to the vehicle, protecting it against minor scratches. Compared to glass and ceramic coating, a paint protection film is expensive. However, it outlives both glass and ceramic coating.

If you intend to get PPF installed, only choose a certified dealer. As mentioned earlier, a PPF installation process is expensive and the last thing you would want is someone performing a shoddy job.

Use The Right Drying Technique

Even though most car owners use high-quality polishes and waxes, it does not make any difference if the right drying technique is not used. Drying a vehicle is the most important part of the process. It is where you can either prevent swirls or produce lots of them. Therefore, it is necessary that you dry the vehicle using the right momentum and style.

Instead of pressing down on the cloth, simply glide it across the surface and lift the water. Furthermore, do not use circular movements to dry the car. Instead, slide the cloth from top to bottom.

Apply A Good Polish And Wax

A good quality polish and wax go a long way in keeping your vehicle’s paint looking brand new. Based on the color of your vehicle, choose a polish and wax that brings out the optimum shine and offers protection as well.

The difference between Polish and wax is that polishing is typically done using a polishing machine. The process removes swirls and other paint contaminants. Once polishing is done, the car is waxed to lock in the shine and provide protection.

Keep It Covered

If you are someone who cannot regularly detail the vehicle and provide the pampering it needs, you should cover it or park it inside a garage-like area. This will keep it protected against UV rays and bird droppings, which can bake into the paint and becomes very difficult to remove.

Moreover, the vehicle will also be protected against moisture that can lead to rust and corrosion. Anything that prevents direct contact with the paint should be used to keep the vehicle as good as new.

Final Word

Maintaining a vehicle’s paint is not that complicated. You should develop a maintenance schedule and only use high-quality products. For example, if you need PPF, only select 3m paint protection film installers Springfield. This will ensure that your vehicle gets to sustain its value even after years of usage.