Differences between good and bad tinting

Bad tinting, on the other hand, destroys the look of a vehicle more than anything else. It’s a nightmare to see bubbles in a purple film, to say the least. It’s ugly and humiliating all at the same time. As a result, automobile owners should only use the best car window tinting. To detect the difference between an excellent and terrible tinting work, how can we determine the difference exactly?

How to tell a good tint job from a bad one

So how can we tell a good tint job from a bad one? There are a lot of methods. All these methods are covered in this article. This is to ensure that you’re not going to settle for anything less than the very finest. These are some examples:

Edges that are neat and precise

The borders of a good tint are extremely clean and tiny. You can assess the quality of a window tint by looking at how uniform the film is along its edges. In most cases, the best installers use computer-generated templates. As a result, it has a great degree of precision. When compared to a well-done window tint job, there is a noticeable gap around the edge.

Purple is awful

The color of automobile window tinting can change as they age. Cheaper window films are the only ones to suffer from this problem. On the other hand, costly, long-lasting films seldom become purple when exposed to light. It turns out, though, that this is a quite common affliction. You’ll see at least a dozen purple-tinted automobiles on the road at any one time. I’m sure you’ve seen how terrible they look.

Tiny bubbles in the air

Tiny bubbles in the window tint might obscure the full vision for passengers on occasion. These bubbles are clearly a warning sign. Bubbles in window tint are a sign of a bad tint job, so if you notice them, don’t panic.

Good film installers, on the other hand, will ensure that bubbles are kept to a minimum, if not eliminated entirely. Within six months of purchasing a low-quality film, bubbles may begin to appear. In this case, the glue that is used to affix the tint to the glass begins to lose its elasticity. Consequently, little and unsightly bubbles are formed as a result of this.

Parking your tinted automobile on the patio of your home should make it seem sleek and stylish. In contrast, if the tints had microscopic bubbles trapped within, they would look terrible.

The pixel grids

Window tints that adhere well in some places but not so well in others are not uncommon. This results in a zig-zag line that is extremely unappealing to the eye. This might completely damage the car’s appearance. That’s yet more indication that the tint job was subpar. These holes might be filled with glue at times. Even if it works for a few weeks or months, this strategy is doomed to failure within a year or two at the most. Overall, it will detract from the appearance of your vehicle and make it look unattractive on the road. Indeed, this is something you should steer clear of at all costs.


You don’t have to be concerned if the tinting is of good quality. When it comes to obtaining a bad tint job, you’re in for a rough ride! However, quality tinting isn’t necessarily prohibitively pricey. Window tinting is not that complex if you do a little research.

Choose a auto tint shop Springfield that is both economical and high-quality when it comes to installing automobile tinting. Cheaper tints should not even be considered in the calculation at all!