Does Coconut Oil Straighten Hair

Coconut Oil is a popular hair care item, and your hair can benefit from it in a number of ways. One of its amazing benefits is heat protection. Also, you can use it for your damaged hair treatment and retain your hair oils. Moreover, you may be able to use it before or after Brazilian keratin straightening if your hairstylist recommends.

Here’s how you can benefit your hair from coconut oil while using heat tools.

Using Hair Oil To Straighten Your Hair

Straightening your hair on a regular basis is pretty damaging for your hair. And that is why it is recommended to straighten your hair using heatless techniques.

But if you’re bound to use a straightener, you can use coconut as a pre-measure for hair protection.

Here are the two ways you can use coconut oil to straighten your hair.

Using Coconut Oil As A Conditioner

If you have enough time before you set to straighten your hair, use this method.

  • Apply the coconut oil a night before or at least a few hours before straightening.
  • You can apply a thick layer of oil if you want.
  • Massage a thin layer in the scalp as well.
  • And then, cover your hair with a conditioning cap.
  • In the morning, wash your hair with some mild, sulfur-free shampoo.
  • Finally, after drying your hair, you can straighten them fearlessly. The coconut oil will protect your hair from split ends and frizz.

Using Coconut Oil Right Before Straightening

This method is a little different from the one discussed before, but it promises to give the same results.

  • Apply a thin layer of coconut oil on your hair and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Make sure you don’t apply the oil to your scalp. Or the leave-in oil will make your hair heavy, and they’ll look greasy, losing their weight.
  • Now use the straightener and enjoy shiny and healthy hair.

Pro-Trick: When applying the oil, run your fingers through your hair (avoiding the roots). It’ll help absorb the coconut oil in your hair.

Benefits Of Using Heat Oil

Other than being a heat protectant and a conditioner, coconut oil has essential acids that are a treat to your damaged hair. For instance, the oleic acid in the oil helps moisturize your dry hair.

According to the research, it is best for all hair types and is a protein source for them. Out of all the oils you use, coconut oil is proven to provide you with reduced protein loss.

The oil penetrates the hair shaft, providing hair with beneficial nutrients. Moreover, penetrating your cuticles, the oil provides your hair with heat protection and a waterproof layer. And that is why many prefer to use it as a pre-heat treatment.

Can You Really Leave Coconut Oil In Your Hair Before Straightening

Many of my friends and even I wondered, can we really use oil before straightening hair? I had this wild imagination where I saw myself straightening my hair while the oil was still in them. What I heard was a fuss and saw a bald patch in my head.

Don’t worry, that was just my imagination. The oil doesn’t work like water. You can’t straighten your hair when they’re wet, but you can straighten them when they have coconut oil.

So, next time somebody asks you the same question, answer them with a pleasant Yes! *Just a thin layer* Remember?


While using coconut oil as a heat protectant, there’s one thing you need to be careful about:

Coconut oil does have a smoke point (ah, so my imagination was right). It can only withstand a temperature of 177 Degrees Celsius before it starts to burn. Moreover, the oil can emit harmful gases.

And if you need to use the straightener above 177 Celsius, better use some alternative heat-protectants, such as avocado oil or silicon-based heat protectors.

Final Word

Though coconut oil is best for your hair, it can do wonders on your skin as well. It is always better to test before application.

So, if you’re using coconut oil for the first time, do a test on a patch of your hair. And if you’re allergic to it, use some other oil, such as grape seeds oil. Or better, ask a permanent hair straightening salon Rockville for help.