Can you repair your heat pump at home?

Many people who own a heat pump wonder whether they can fix it themselves when something goes wrong. After all, they are very essential, especially for households in colder climates. However, the answer to this question would not be that simple. It primarily depends on your definition of heat pump repair and maintenance.

Of course, you can do some cosmetic repairs or some basic repairs. However, when it comes to the working of a heat pump, a lot goes in the backend. Heat pumps are quite complex and rely on scientific principles. So, anybody who has no experience with such devices will not be able to repair them.

Your best bet would be to reach out to a licensed heat pump repair service. These services have professionals who understand each and everything about heat pumps. Hence, they will be able to fix your equipment like nobody else.

Sometimes, the problem is with heat pumps not turning on. When this happens, the heat pump also fails to change the modes. Sometimes, it does not work at all. However, at other times, the problem is relatively small. Regardless of the intensity of the problem, if you try to repair heat pumps all by yourself, you are bound to run into a lot of trouble.

So, what should you do?

Our advice would be to call a heat pump repair company around you and get it fixed. But before that, it is important to understand some common issues that occur with heat pumps. These include:

An old air filter

Heat pumps utilize air filters. These are very essential for the working of any HVAC equipment. However, when air filters go unchanged for a long period of time, they end up getting clogged. Due to all the debris, the performance of the heat pump suffers considerably.

Hence, we suggest you change your air filter after every 3 months. This is the maximum amount of time. Though, changing the filters every month would be a lot more.

Tripped circuit

This is a very common issue with many heat pumps. Sometimes, due to a surge in the voltage, the heat pump does not turn on at all. That is due to a circuit breaker that has been tripped. In this case, the heat pump does not receive any power at all. Again, this is just another example of an issue that you cannot fix all by yourself. For this, it is important to take help from a professional who understands his/her job.

Thermostat failure

Yet another common issue in heat pumps is that of a faulty thermostat. Often at times, the heat pump itself is not faulty but the thermostat has failed. When this happens, the device fails to register the temperature at which it has to work. As a result of this, the heat pump does not heat the insides of the house as efficiently. After all, it is unable to regulate the temperature. This results in the HVAC device becoming ineffective and practically useless.

This is one of the most common issues. Hence, it might also be the first thing that any professional will check in your heat pump if everything else seems good on the outside.


We hope that you now know about all the common issues that you can face with heat pumps. Furthermore, you would have also realized that it is not important and probably not worth it to try and repair the heat pump yourself. For that, your best bet is to reach out to decent heat pump repair services Long Beach and let them work on your heat pump.