What Makes A Beautiful Wedding?

A wedding can be stressful, no doubt, but it’s also one of the most exciting and beautiful days of your life. If you’re looking for ways how to make your wedding beautiful, in the literal and figurative sense, then these tips are a must to remember. Keep in mind that good wedding party rentals can help you achieve that.

Get A Good Officiant

The ceremony is one of the biggest highlights of any wedding and if that’s lacking, then it will be a problem. The best way to make sure that your wedding is impactful and that people get immersed in it is by getting a good and passionate officiant for the ceremony.

The officiant’s words and actions will be unlike anything else and everyone will be hooked on the ceremony, to say the least.

Simple & Short Ceremony

No one likes an hour-long ceremony. Yes, it is your wedding day and you can set the majority of the rules, but there will be times when spending too much time on the ceremony can be redundant and boring. This is why a simple and short ceremony is perfect. It will keep the guests engaged and they will also not lose their focus.

The best part about short wedding ceremonies is that you can have them outside too because the great wide outdoors will be the perfect place for those golden hour pictures.

The Lighting Matters

Speaking of outdoor wedding ceremonies, you want to give a bit more attention to the lighting of the ceremony as well as the reception. The life of the wedding is the pictures and if the lighting is not good enough, then the results won’t come out as great either.

It’s best that you go for a well-lit ceremony and reception and if you can, try to have your wedding during the daylight hours, because natural light will enhance the pictures even more and you will be awestruck at how amazing they are, in the end. So, try to make the most out of the natural sunlight.

Clusters Over Spreading

This is mainly a décor tip, but the results are super cool and beautiful. A lot of the time, when you’re getting your venue decorated for a wedding, the people in charge can spread flowers and other decorative items all over the venue. This makes the venue look flat and one-dimensional.

If you want to make your decoration stand out in pictures, then you need to opt for a different approach. Try to bunch up the flowers and wreaths and prop them up as centerpieces on the tables. This idea looks a lot more minimal and it will bring out the beauty of the venue. Work with the venue and tent rentals Clarksburg to get this look.

Make The Guests Feel Welcomed

A beautiful wedding isn’t just about the nicest dresses and the best décor, it’s also about valuing the people around you. If the guests and other people are welcomed with warmth, then they won’t care about the rest of the things. While you can be busy on your wedding day, you mustn’t forget about the people attending it.

Try to meet as many people as you can, greet them personally and if you want, you can also have a memory wall with different events of your life with certain guests. This gesture will please the people attending.

Face The Guests

This is another unique ceremony idea and it breaks the norm of traditional weddings. Instead of being situated in a traditional way at the wedding ceremony, with the officiant facing the guests and the couple on either side of the officiant, you can try facing the guests when saying your vows to each other.

This is a much more intimate and beautiful way of exchanging vows and it’s going to knock other ideas out of the water. It can be slightly daunting to face a lot of people when saying your vows, but it’s a unique idea, nonetheless, and you need to give it a try.


Since it’s a wedding, there will be phones and cameras out everywhere. People will be busy taking pictures of themselves, of the couple, and so on. However, there is one thing that you can do and it will make a difference for the better.

You can request people to put their phones away for the ceremony and at the time of speeches. This is going to make the whole experience a lot more natural and better, and everyone will be able to focus on the present, instead of being lost in their phones.

Get A Good Photographer

This one might be a no-brainer for some people, but you’ll be surprised at the fact that a lot of people don’t even do proper research when selecting a photographer for their wedding day. You want to put some time and effort into selecting the right photographer for your big day.

You need to go for someone who is not only a professional but can also take good candid shots and esthetically pleasing photos. They should have a good eye for detail and they need to know about lighting like the back of their hand.

Spread Love & Joy

A wedding is all about sharing a joyous moment with your loved ones and, if you can, try to convey the love and joy as well. This doesn’t mean going all-out in showing your gratitude to the guests. Some kind words and reliving memories with certain people can be more than enough for people. It’s the love and time you’re giving to them that matters the most.

No amount of wedding favors or pictures can harbor the same impact as one-on-one conversations and lovely moments shared between the wedding and your guests.

Keep It Minimal

Another huge tip for a visually beautiful and appealing wedding is to go minimal. Minimalism has been around for a long time now, but it’s gaining even more popularity in weddings. Decorations are a huge gamble and they can certainly be a hit or miss, for the most part, but something about a minimally decorated wedding is so beautiful and enchanting that you just can’t seem to look away and get the visual out of your mind.

Minimal décor is quite captivating, to say the least, and you will be delighted with the results, once you see the decorated venue for yourself.

Be Unique

If you want people to remember your wedding visually for years to come, then you need to think outside the box. There are a lot of ways by which you can make your wedding unique and equally beautiful. Select completely different colors for your wedding theme. You can go for a different style of wedding and ditch all of the traditions.

You can also get creative with the vows and ceremony of the wedding. These small changes will be impactful in a wedding and people will remember it vividly.


A beautiful wedding doesn’t always imply that the decorations should be the best and that everything should be extravagant. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make all the difference. So, check out wedding rental packages Frederick and other details to get things started.