When Should You Consider Disc Replacement Surgery

Lumbar discs are very vital parts of your back. They are responsible for different types of movements of your back and spine. If your discs are not in good shape or you have suffered from a bad fall or injury, then you should consider getting a replacement disc surgery.

You Are Always In Pain

Whether it’s a bad fall or you hit something really hard on the impact of your back, then your discs are bound to be dislocated. Lumbar discs are a series of small and thin bones that make up your spinal structure and it is responsible for moving your back in many ways as well as securing your nerve endings.

There are many important nerves and veins in your back and the discs are responsible for keeping them secure and shielding them from any sort of impact or force. If you have suffered from a bad injury, then you will experience some pain. But what is not right is chronic pain in the back which is not getting relieved even with painkillers and other medications. This means that your discs have been damaged quite a lot and you need to get them replaced otherwise this will cause serious issues in the back and the overall nervous system. It’s better to get the surgery done than to deal with other radiating issues.

Your Back Is Stiff

One of the main concerns of doctors, when you go for a lumbar disc replacement surgery, is how stiff your back is after the injury and how much you can move it. If you are at the point of no return where you feel like your back is super stiff and there is nothing you can do to make it flexible without it hurting too much, then it is probably best that you get your discs checked and go for a replacement surgery if there is some sort of issue, dislocation or fracture in the discs.

You Can’t Bend Your Back

If you want to test whether your discs are in good shape or not, then try to bend your back as much as you can without feeling any pain. The lumbar discs are vital for bending your back in various positions and if your discs are dislocated or injured, then you will have a lot of trouble moving your back.

It is best that you get an x-ray done to see the condition of your discs and consult with your doctor for more guidance on whether or not you need a disc replacement surgery. If you are unable to bend your back at all, then you need to bite the bullet and have a replacement surgery done.

Other Movements Are Being Compromised

Your back is a very important body part that is not only responsible for moving the backside of your body but other body parts as well. Your head, hands, and even feet need support from your back in order to move properly.

If you feel like other movements of your body like rotating your head, moving your legs and hands are being compromised and you feel a lot of pain when moving these body parts, then the most possible conclusion is the fact that your lumbar discs have been dislocated or fractured.

You Feel Numbness In Some Areas

Numbness and tingles can occur in your body when your nerve endings are compromised. This happens a lot when your back is injured or your spinal cord has some issues. Your discs can also cause numbness since the injury can cause them to dislocate from their original position and this can cause poking of the nerves with the dislocated disc.

If the nerve endings are under too much pressure, then they will cease everything and the area will become numb. This is a very serious issue and you need to see the doctor.


There you have it! These are some of the very main reasons why you should get a disc replacement surgery done. It is better for your back and you won’t feel a lot of restrictions when it comes to moving your back freely. Get help from spine and back doctors Woodbridge to make the correct decision.