Why Is My Commercial Gas Oven Not Working

If you are running a commercial restaurant, you would know that the gas oven is one of the most important kitchen appliances. Without it, you cannot cook or bake food. This means that it should be working perfectly to serve the customers throughout the day. However, some situations may force your oven to stop working and you will need a commercial gas oven repair technician to fix it. Let’s take a look at the reasons and what you can do about it.

No Utility

If your commercial gas oven has stopped working, the first thing you need to check is the gas line. If the gas supply is fine, you should check if the oven is plugged in and if any wires are frayed or broken. And if everything seems fine here as well, you should check the high-limit switch.

The switch is designed to turn off the oven if it gets too hot. You might need to reset the switch. However, if it is faulty, you will need to call in a professional for replacement.

Pilot Flame

If the pilot flame of your gas oven is flickering or won’t ignite completely, you should check if it’s making contact with the thermocouple, so that the gas valve stays open. Before you leave the kitchen when the day is over, make sure the pilot flames are lit.

If in the morning, the flame has gone out, you should open the hood and the ways to remove the gas. And if the pilot flame happens to be faulty, you should check if it’s clogged. Otherwise, it won’t light in any way.

Burner Flame

While your gas oven is working, you should make sure the flames are of blue color with orange tips. If the color is uneven or the flames seem too weak, it means there is a problem with the oven. You should check the burner and controller caps. You should make sure they are free from grease built up and securely in place.

Internal Temperature

Commercial gas ovens already come pre-set from the manufacturer. But they can still end up being broken, faulty, or uncalibrated. This could lead to under and overheating issues. If you notice there is a temperature difference, you will need to check the thermostat for calibration. If you are not aware of how to do it, you should consult an expert.

Oven Door

If your oven door is not closing properly, the oven may not turn on. Commercial kitchen appliances are equipped with all sorts of safety features and the ovens aren’t an exception. With time, the hinges can weaken and the door won’t latch on properly.

If that is the case, you will need to replace the hinges or the hydraulics that open and close the door. Plus, the lock could be malfunctioning. It is not allowing the door to secure properly. Check if anything is blocking the door and remove it.

However, if the door is still not closing properly, you will need to consult an expert to check and replace the hinges or the lock.

Your Gas Oven Needs Maintenance

Every restaurant appliance needs thorough cleaning and maintenance. Since there is a lot of dust, oil, grease, and other factors inside the kitchen, it is normal for accumulations to take place. However, what is not normal is the accumulations being ignored for long periods of time.

These accumulations can make their way inside the appliances and hinder their performance. If your commercial oven has stopped working suddenly, it might simply mean that it needs thorough cleaning and maintenance. Ask your employees or hire a professional to get the job done.

And keep in mind that you should schedule maintenance at least once or twice every year. This will help keep the appliances running in perfect condition and prevent fires or other serious situations from taking place.

Final Word

Troubleshooting a commercial gas oven can be a complicated task. Therefore, the tips mentioned above will at least help you determine the problem, if not solve it. And if not, you shouldn’t hesitate to call a commercial kitchen appliance repair Fairfax service so that you can get your oven running back to normal in no time.