Pros And Cons Of Wooden Flooring In Bathrooms

Homeowners who have hardwood flooring in their house may want to use the same flooring for the next bathroom remodel. There are various things you should consider if you want wooden flooring for your bathroom because it’s quite unconventional for bathrooms to have hardwood flooring.

Therefore, before you make the decision, weigh the pros and cons of wooden flooring in bathrooms.

Pros Of Wood Flooring In Bathrooms

Unmatched Look And Feel

The biggest benefit of hardwood flooring is the undeniably beautiful athletic look and feel. It is one of the reasons why wooden flooring is used in most houses where all the rooms except the bathroom have wooden flooring.

Another plus of hardwood is that its design never goes out of trend and they don’t need to match the design of the bathroom. You can select any color scheme and have wooden flooring and it will still look perfect.

Adds Warmth

Ceramic tiles are commonly used in bathrooms for flooring and there are many good reasons for it. However, a disadvantage of tiles is that they are cold to the touch. If you’re using the bathroom in winter, the chilly tiles on barefoot won’t be comfortable.

On the other hand, wooden flooring is warmer and more comfortable even in winter for anyone to walk barefoot on it.

Extended Lifespan

Apart from looking beautiful and adding warmth to the bathroom, once installed, wooden flooring can last for at least 20 years. Some stone and tile flooring may last longer, but keep in mind that this number is for natural wooden flooring for bathrooms.

Maintenance of wooden flooring is easy because you can use sanding and refinishing techniques to renew the flooring.

Cons Of Wooden Flooring In Bathrooms

Water Spills And Splashes Should Be Cleaned Quickly

Wooden flooring in bathrooms is usually sealed for more protection against water and moisture, but you must be careful with water spills and splashes on the wooden floors of your bathroom.

Avoiding water spills in bathrooms is almost impossible because if you’re using the bathroom, there will be water splashes and spills. If you ignore cleaning water from the wood surface and it will damage the protective seal and then seep into the flooring through the seams. The flooring will soon show signs of water damage.

So, if you want wooden flooring for your bathroom, keep a mop and clean the floor after using the bathroom.

A Floor Slope Can Wreak Havoc On The Flooring

Bathrooms that don’t have level flooring suffer from floor slopes. In level flooring, a slight slope is made for water to flow from higher parts to the lower parts where the drain is present. In the case of uneven flooring, water will accumulate near the drain. These puddles of water won’t disappear on their own and you will have to mop them dry.

Standing water on wooden flooring is a recipe for disaster. The water will seep into the planks and cause huge damage. Therefore, wooden flooring should be avoided if your bathroom floor is not level.

Mold And Mildew Growth

A Bathroom is the most moist room in any house. Mold and mildew also grow in moist places so bathrooms are ideal for mold growth. Natural hardwood is an organic material and mold and mildew feed on organic materials. Therefore, the risk of mold and mildew growth on your wooden flooring in bathrooms is high.

Your new wooden flooring with the sealant will fight against them for some time, but if the flooring is not maintained or sealed frequently, mold can grow on and beneath the wooden surface.

Staining From Chemical Products

We use different soaps, cleaners, body sprays, and other products in bathrooms. Many of these items are slightly acidic and when they inevitably come in contact with the wood floors, they damage the sealing of wooden flooring. Moreover, they can cause permanent staining on the wood floors as well.

If you like the appearance of wooden floors, instead of natural wood, consider laminate flooring or tiles that look like wood.


Wooden floors offer an unmatched aesthetic look, but they have some disadvantages if you want to install them in your bathroom. Consult bathroom remodelers to discuss if you should go with wooden flooring. abbruz